Getting Messaging channelName iOS

I’m developing for iOS and I’ve came across some issues.
After analysing the iOS code examples I still can’t figure out how to get the ‘Message’ service channelName.
I can publish to and existing one, if I know the channel name, and I can obviously create a new one, simply giving a channelName that doesn’t exist and your services will create it for me.
The thing is that even I know the messages will be deleted after a while, If I want to use an existing channel how can I get the channels names in , for example and array!?
Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work.
So far it’s been amazing to use your platform.
PS. don’t bother with English writting issues. I’m not from a English native country. Hope it’s understandable.

Hi Ivan,

There is no “native” API to get a list of channel names. However, you can use the Data Service API to store channel names in a table. Simply write a new object to that table, every time a new channel is created in your app. Then you can easily retrieve them all from the table with a single API call.


What I did myself is simply name channels after userId, so I was able to send messages to a certain user by specifying userId AS channel.

I guess you can do similar according to your data objects.