GIT integration not syncing all files

I tried several times, but every time I tried I didn’t get all the files that I have in my BL.
after git clone
I checked “servercode\JS\v1\app\handlers\custom-events” folder and it have 43 files, whereas actually I have 47

Hello Yuriy,

We’ll investigate this issue and answer you as soon as possible.

Regards, Olga


I just checked in console and I see 47 .js files in that directory.


Looks like I failed to describe problem unambiguously.
I do have 47 files, but when I used your git integration feature, after git clone, in my LOCAL folder I only see 43 files

Have you checked which ones are missing? Is there something common between them (date added? similarities in the names perhaps?)

Just tried again now, (after “npm run deploy” first).
I’m missing (in “custom-events” folder) emailUtil.js, updateChatEntityState.js
Also missing folder “app\handlers\helpers” with chatHelper.js
Maybe it’s something related to node.js module.exports?

Possibly, I do not know. This needs to be investigated further.