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git support

(Jeroen Dierckx) #1


I cannot seem to access our files anymore thrugh git. Is there a problem with the service? We are using cloud hosting (application ID C6730F91-F429-E4C9-FF61-ED62B2B2E100).

Kind regards,

(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Jeroen,

We were able to reproduce the problem and are working on a resolution.


(Jeroen Dierckx) #3

Thanks for the swift action.

On another note: will git support still be there in 4.0? I don’t need git support per se, but I do need an easy way to synchronize files. Using the current file manager has several drawbacks:

    no overwrite support: have to delete files before uploading them again when you drop a folder, no folders are created but all files are recursively copied to the folder you dropped them. That seems to be a bug.

Kind regards,

(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #4

Hello, Jeroen Dierckx,

we have fixed issue with git, please check it in your app.

git support will be present in 4.0

(Jeroen Dierckx) #5

It works again. Thanks!