Greek character set is not prevented when exporting data

Is there a way to prevent the Greek characters set when exporting data?

Hi, Andreas!
No there is no such functionality to prevent some characters during export.
In fact, how do you expect it to work? Say, you have a word “hλlf-life” - do you want it to be “hlf-life” when exported? What sense does it make?

Hi Anatoli,

Thank you for your repy.
I expect that during export the characters preventing their origine! That means when I export the word “hλlf-life”, I want to get the same word “hλlf-life” in the csv file.
I will explain you what sense this makes. My application is in 9 languages (Among them is the Greek language and the data shows also in Greek language. So when I have to export the data file to massive do some changes in the data base I can’t, because the words have change to the following example:

Which means that the word TILOS has to remain ΤΗΛΟΣ while exporting for beeing able to work on this csv and upload it back to the server

So you probably must programm the export csv file to prevent utf-8 characters, so this will solve the problem. Just a suggestion.

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Hi, Andreas!

I just tried to export datatable with Greek symbols and it is exported as expected(see attached file).
What is your APP_ID?

GreekWords.csv (384B)

Yes, I see it too! I will check again! Maybe something is wrong on my side!