Handler for several tables

I need to make handler.which will add a new value in table A.when I pragmatically add new row in table B.
If I use handler for ONE of the tables.i cant have access to another one. There is a handler for all tables.which use (*). But as I understand it is a generic type of handlers.so it will not help me. Or I just cant understand.
Could you please explain me ?

Hi, Artur.
Lets imagine that i have only one handler for my project.

How can i have an access to items from table A, if i dont have it’s model, when i generate the handler code for table B? there is model only for table B.

Hi, Kira,

You need to add onCreate handler on table B an in there add items to table A.
There should be two clarifications:

    If you have handler with Context(*) and another one with Context(B), with request to table B more specific one will be invoked. You can not invoke event handler from another event handler. If you invoke another actions inside first event handler and you have second event handler for that action, the second one will not be called. For instance you have onCreate handler on table A and onCreate on table B. Inside second handler you save item to table A. When you invoke save to B, handler to A is not invoked.
Regards, Artur.

Well, you can create any model you like by yourself or let Backendless generate the model for you by adding event handler an then removing it.

Ohh… this was too easy :slight_smile:
Thank you, Artur ! All is working