Handshake failed error

I see in my analytics,
that 1 percent of all queries get the error:
Code: Internal client exception. Message: Handshake failed

This error is received for a varietly of queries, this is one of them:

public void queryInvitesReceived(String userAdvertisingId, AsyncCallback<BackendlessCollection<Map>> callback) {

Log.i(TAG, "queryInvitesReceived()");
BackendlessDataQuery dataQuery = new BackendlessDataQuery(InviteCodeReceivers.COL_SENDER_ADVERTISING_ID + " LIKE '"
        + userAdvertisingId + "' AND "+ InviteCodeReceivers.COL_IS_PENDING_FOR_OFFER + " = FALSE");

Backendless.Data.of(InviteCodeReceivers.TABLE_NAME).find(dataQuery, callback);


Hi Tal,

Do you have the opportunity to run traceroute command from the device on which these errors happen?

Hey sergey

unfortunately no. I cannot reproduce those on demand.
they just happen 1 percent of the time

hey guys,
any progress with this one?

Hi Tal,

We need a way to reproduce the problem, otherwise we can do pretty much nothing to investigate this error. Also this might be the client’s network problems, that’s why I was asking for a traceroute output.

should I find a user that this reproduces consistentely,

what should I tell him to do?

Ask him whether all of his requests fail or only some of them, ask to run traceroute command against api.backendless.com.