Help me survive

Due to these situations, we couldn’t work for over six months but you charged me! we need to rewrite all codes again can you downgrade my plan to free which we can survive this?

Hi, @Ehsan_Nikaeen

Nice to see you in Backendless. We can offer you our new Springboard plan. You can buy it in the marketplace. I will leave you a link where you can see all the advantages of this plan. You can also get this plan for free from Backendless by completing missions.


it says This subscription is not eligible to accept charges.
can you at least export my database and send it to me?

The export functionality is blocked when the app is blocked. Even if we login to your app, it would be blocked for us too. If you need to get the app exported, the only way is to resume the subscription, export the data and then delete the app in Backendless to stop the subscription.