hi, how can i retrive the list of all users from Users table ,am using backendless 4 ,

i,ve tried the code (see screen shot ) but its giving me the error 1009 ,that says “table with the name backendlessUser does not exists” ,can u help me out this?

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 20.53.43.png

Hi Asad,

What version of Backendless pod are you using?


pod ‘Backendless’, ‘4.0b2’

this one

Thanks, Asad. We already have 4.0b3.

I assume you’re using the BackendlessUser class which is included into the SDK?

yes am using that one from sdk

What you’re doing looks right to me. I will escalate this to the dev team and we will resolve as soon as possible. Thank you for reporting this issue.

As a work around, consider using the dictionary-driven approach:

NSString *whereClause = @"type='resturant'"; 
DataQueryBuilder *queryBuilder = [[DataQueryBuilder alloc] init]; 
[queryBuilder setWhereClause:whereClause]; 

id<IDataStore>dataStore = [backendless.data ofTable:@"Users"]; 
[dataStore find:queryBuilder 
 response:^(NSArray<NSDictionary<NSString *, id> *> *foundUsers) { 
 NSLog(@"Result: %@", foundUsers); 
 error:^(Fault *fault) { 
 NSLog(@"Server reported an error: %@", fault); 

Thanks Mark ,the above code is realy helpfull for me , and thanks for responding too quickly

Hello Asad,

This issue is fixed and will be fine in the upcoming update of cocoapods library.

Regards, Olga