Hi there.. Backendless stopped getting data!

Hi there…

Backendless stopped getting data from all apps suddenly its not throwing any exception or errors just not getting data?


Can you try running a few requests using REST Console in Backendless console on the Data screen?



"created": 1508997284537,
"objectId": "13958625-89ED-BE7C-FF2E-971B8222FA00",
"message": null,
"password2": null,
"ownerId": "13958625-89ED-BE7C-FF2E-971B8222FA00",
"name": "Ammar",
"updated": null,
"phone_number": "0922222796",
"userStatus": "ENABLED",
"lastLogin": 1508997286000,
"___class": "Users",
"__meta": "{\"relationRemovalIds\":{},\"selectedProperties\":[\"created\",\"password\",\"objectId\",\"message\",\"password2\",\"ownerId\",\"name\",\"updated\",\"phone_number\",\"userStatus\",\"lastLogin\",\"___class\"],\"relatedObjects\":{}}"


Hi, abdullah mohd.
You post a json object with “objectId”. This mean that this object was saved and you can retrieve it by this objectId.
What specifically doesn’t work for you?