Hosted API service - How to create fat jar using Maven dependencies

I’m having difficulty uploading and deploying a jar, including my project dependencies, and having Backendless accept the jar without issue.

Currently I’m experiencing HTTP 400 and HTTP 504 (gateway timeout) errors thrown when attempting to upload. The jar, including dependencies, is about 1.9mb, is the size of the jar the issue? If so, do you have any documentation indicating how to configure my pom.xml to build the fatjar properly?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi Ian,

The free plan limits the size of the deployed JARs to 2mb. In the very near future we will be offering a way to overcome various limitations of the free plan by purchasing individual “function packs” rather than upgrading to a higher end billing plan.

At the present moment, I need to find out if switching to BackendlessPlus would increase the 2mb limit. Someone will post an update here with that information.


We looked further into it. At the present moment if you upgrade to the Backendless Plus plan, the JAR size limit goes up to 5mb.

Hi Mark,

Are the account tiers tied to individual accounts or to Apps? Right now, I’m on a development team which is using the Backendless Plus tier and, therefore, shouldn’t be running into the 2MB jar filesize limit.

A billing plan is tied to an app. When you login to console and select an app, check what the Manage > Billing screen shows. You should see the billing plan the app is on at the top of the screen.