How can I keep learning after the trial period?


I’m learning to build apps and using backendless so I’m not yet ready to subscribe to a plan.
That being said I only discovered the learning materials after I got the email ending the trial period for my app ID 0CC0915E-D852-8D47-FFF3-E707154DBC00
Since the trial period ended I can’t access my app and practice the learning material. Basically, I won’t be able to unlock the Springboard plan.

What can I do?

Your options are:

  1. Pay a one-time fee of $50 to unlock Springboard. This will show your support of Backendless and gets you the Springboard plan that does not have any recurring fees. The plan is perfect for learning, and cannot be used for production purposes. The data you have in the expired app will remain.


  2. Delete the expired app and create a new one. Your Missions progress will remain intact, but the data in the expired app will be gone.