How can I retrieve all data from table?

I want to list out all the data records from Users table without using pagination. I’m using REST API.

Is there any separate API or I need to send any special parameter?

Hello Ganesh

You can’t do that regarding to performance purposes. You should use pagination anyway, and you can see total objects when doing GET request to a table

Regards Anton

Also I can propose to you another way, via Business Logic

You need to add a new Custom API Service, how to do that and deploy you can find here

And then you can load all records by only one requests

Example code:

'use strict';


const loadAllRecords = (className) => {
 const classStorage = Backendless.Persistence.of(className);
 return loadPortion(classStorage, 0, { data: [] })

const loadPortion = (classStorage, offset, prevResult) => {
 const query = { options: { pageSize: MAX_OBJECTS_PER_PAGE, offset } };

 return classStorage.find(query)
 .then(portion => Object.assign(portion, { data: }))
 .then(result => {
 if ( < result.totalObjects - MAX_OBJECTS_PER_PAGE) {
 return loadPortion(classStorage, offset + MAX_OBJECTS_PER_PAGE, result);

 return result

class CloudServices {

 * @returns {Promise.&lt;Object&gt;}
 getAllTableNameData() {
 return loadAllRecords('TableName');



Regards, Vlad

Thank you! It works for me.