how do I get rid of "__meta" tag

I am using rest api.When I made a request with “GET” the response is like this :

“offset”: 0,
“data”: [
“mode”: “cool”,
“created”: 1473073220000,
“fanPower”: 1,
“degree”: 16,
“customerID”: 1,
“___class”: “modules”,
“ownerId”: null,
“updated”: null,
“objectId”: “36E96BF6-F287-223F-FF04-AC61FA64EB00”,
“__meta”: “{“relationRemovalIds”:{},“selectedProperties”:[“mode”,“created”,“fanPower”,“degree”,“customerID”,”___class",“ownerId”,“updated”,“objectId”],“relatedObjects”:{}}"
“nextPage”: null,
“totalObjects”: 1

My problem is I need to discard “__meta” object from json.How do I do that?

Hi Aykut,

You cannot change the response you receive from the server. Also, we cannot just remove the meta field since it is used in several operations with relations. But you definitely can just ignore this field when working with the response, or even remove it when you form some object from the json.

What is your motivation to discard it?

Hi Sergey,

I am using backendless with an arduino.Some json parser which is popular for arduino does not parse that json. But if I remove meta tag it is OK. Probably it gets confused because of the curly braces in the meta tag.I could find another way. Thanks.

I’m not from the dev team, but I’m surprised by “You cannot change the response you receive from the server”, cause actually you can - in Business Logic event “afterFind”.

Backendless.ServerCode.Persistence.afterFind('YOUR_TABLE_NAME', function(req, res) {
  var data =;
  for (var i in data){
 delete data.__meta;

Although “you can” doesn’t mean you should, and meta erasing will broke other operations, but maybe it will be ok in your case, since you probably just one time receiving, without updating back (I guess)

Thanks for correcting me, both your statements are totally right!

Thanks that was the answer I was looking for.