How do I load a related object using objectId?

I have gone through all the documentation relating to retrieval of object relationships.

In my application I have 3 classes: Users (BackendlessUser), Skill and UserSkill. A user can have multiple skills and a skill can be related to many users, so thats why I created UserSkill class.

Now, the user logs in my app, all good.
My problem is: I would like to retrieve all Skill objects belonging to a specific User. I already have the objectId of the User, I would like to formulate a query that would return a list of all the UserSkill objects that contain a relationship with the objectId from the User (or the User object, which I can easily get)

In a traditional RDBMS I would select all records from UserSkill table where “user” column matched the id of the user I want. How do I achieve the same in Backendless?

All relation retrieval methods seem to be appropriate to situations where you have a parent and you want to load its childs. But in my User object I don’t have references to UserSkills objects, it’s the other way around. So how do I tell Backendless to return all UserSkill objects that have a relationship with the User object I have (or it’s objectId)?

I would be open to other ways of modelling this relationship to make it easy to retrieve the information I need.

I’m on Android.
Thanks in advance

Hi Mauro,

I still can’t figure out from your post, which realtions you have and why you need UserSkill table. Can you please provide your application ID so that I could check?