How do i retrieve parent table data in REST API?

Table A has a one-to-many relation with table B.
It’s very easy to retrieve table A data with included in it related table B rows.
How do i retrieve table B data with included in it related table A data?

Hi Anton,

The best way to think about Backendless data storage is from the object’s perspective. Suppose you have a Person object (table A) which has a related Address object (table B). To paraphrase your question you’re asking if it is possible to get Address (B) with Person’s data (A) included in it. That would not be possible. However, if the question is whether you can get Person (A) object for any given Address (B), then yes, that is possible. Suppose the relation column from Person to Address is called “relatedAddress”. Then the following query (where clause) would load Person for an Address:

relatedAddress.objectId = addressObj.objectId  

where “addressObj” which you have already loaded.