How Push Notification quota is calculated ? & Question about messaging .

while I am testing the Notification I noted the following

  1. I am only able to send notification if I added the 3 headers for android
 "android-ticker-text": "ticker text", 
 "android-content-title": "content title",
 "android-content-text":"content text"

but I only see the content title and content text
where is message text and ticker text
should I make custom receiver for this ?if so. How ?
2. In home page of the project I saw the counter limit is 2M . Should it be 2 separate counters each with 1M
3. The counter increments every time I send message I though you count for recipients/month
4. What is the difference between Publish/Subscribe Messages and Push Notifications ? I see in pricing page that those 2 things are cost differently .

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello, Tarekk!

  1. These three headers are used only as example. You can send your own headers and call them whatever you want. On receiving side you’ll be able to retrieve headers content by their names. If you’re looking for an example - generate a messaging project using Backendless code generation feature and take a look at method “onMessage()” in class “PushReceiver”. There you’ll find example of retrieving info from received notification.
  2. Circle diagram on main page shows total number of sent push and pubsub messages. Limit of 2M is also a sum of these two limits. For verbose analytic info visit “Manage -> Analytics” page, tab “messaging”.
  3. That’s true, it would be fixed in the nearest release.
  4. Answer for this question you can find here:

best regards,
Alex Navara

Thanks, Alex

but notification wont be sent if I didn’t include the three headers .

and “message text” doesn’t appear in any thing

and will I be charged for each notification or by recipients/month

about the link I have checked it . But how to send message ? is it from the console ?
and what is Broadcast checkbox in Messaging console ??

Hi Tarekk,

If you do not include the headers, then the message is not recognized as a push notification on the client-side. You can see the code for processing the headers here:

You can send messages either using Backendless Console or with the API.

The broadcast checkbox in the console marks the message as a pub/sub message, but at the same time, the same message can also be a push notification.

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot Mark

Sorry Mark

but is Message Text is completely ignored ? or I have to use it through code?if so How ?

When you send push notifications via API, all the content is delivered through the headers.