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How to add a geopoint with csv file?

Hi, I know that have to be easy to add a geopoint doing an import file… but I’m not able to do it well. I’m sure that have to be something wrong in the data that I add in the csv file. I’m using exactly the same data that you are using in the documentation.

I’m doing Geo Service/add file/import

I’m getting this error:
1 15:29:57 IMPORT_GEO Importing Started.
2 15:29:57 IMPORT_GEO Importing failed. java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
3 15:29:57 IMPORT_GEO Importing Finished.
I go to attach the csv file, too (I’m using same name that my database name).Thanks,

Beaches.csv (86B)


I made several changes in file. Could you try?

Beaches_changed.csv (82B)

Hi Kate,

Thanks, is working perfectly!