How to Add Script to Header of Page?

Copy above code into the section of the pages where you want to use these icons.

How do you add to the header of each page?

Hello @Mark_Wilkinson

Unfortunately, this is currently not possible.
This feature is on our roadmap, stay tuned for our updates
Sorry for the inconvenience

Regard, Viktor

…If I cannot add a header to the page what is the best way to add Inline SVG icons if i am using UI Builder and I am a non coder?

I can add html via paragraphs and change the aspects via classes css. Seems I need to add header?

Hello @Mark_Wilkinson

You can use custom FontIcon by adding new AppExtensions (Styles) and then using Text component with specific classes

@import "";

.uil {
  // add any styles for these extra icons

According to SVG you can use them as an Image Component

Regards, Vlad

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Excellent. Thanks Vlad.