How to disable creation of new table fields?

I want to have ability for disable creation of new fields or deletion exists data on User table for Android users.
But it’s not working. Users still can create fields.
Please see attached screenshots.

Just to make sure - does the android client use the Android secret key?

Yes, I use Android secret key for client, I got it from

Backendless.initApp(this, Consts.BACKENDLESS_APP_ID, Consts.BACKENDLESS_SECRET_KEY, "v1");

Hello, Oleg!

I’ve tried to test this issues, but without success - it works as expected for me.
Can you please clarify what do you mean under “creation of new fields”? I’m wondering what is “fields” - columns or rows?
Also I can offer you the following test to verify the problem:

  1. Go to “Code generation” tab
  2. Choose “Android”, IDE and all checkboxes in Data Management
  3. Generate sample
  4. Run it on device
  5. Choose table with denied permissions and try to create new row in it

best regards,

Hi again!

I’ve found a way to reproduce this issue. Internal task ID is 11583.
It happens if request is made by authenticated user. As a workaround I can offer you to deny permission for Authenticated User role. Of course, if logic of your app allows it.
Thank you for reporting!

This problem has been fixed. A fix has been deployed to the production servers.