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How to fetch nearby Stores using the geolocation radius?

Greetings to all, what’s the best way to fetch store table of users using the latitude and longitude to show all stores within a radius since the store has only relation with the user ‘objectId’ not with Geolocation. (I believe would be a Relations Depth: 2)

  1. Table Users a column location (with relation 1:1 to Geopoint).
  2. Table Store has a relation 1:1 to table Users (objectId).

The goal is to fetch the store and users data based in geopoints.

I already tried some variations from the examples on (geo_radius_based_search.html) but couldn’t reach the store table data just the user.

Looking for Rest API or Javascript Backendless examples. Regards


You’ll need to execute search against your Store table. Lets say you have:

  1. a relation from Store to Users table called userData
  2. a relation from Users to geo points called location

You need to search with a where clause like: userData.location is not null. This query will result in an array of STORES which are related to Users that have any location. If you add relation depth = 1 you will receive User objects as well. Relation depth = 2 you will also get location objects.

To adapt the query to your needs follow these docs: - REST - JS