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How to get all users

How do I get backendless response to return all the Folowing ownerid of a current user.
For instance on the current users main feed he is suppose to get all feeds of what he and people he is following post. But to do that I have to get all his following ownerId, which I have but my question is how to get all their post from another table using their ownerId and show it in the current user main feed. I tried iterating them in where clause but it receive just one userid and showing just that only user post.

@Yomade_Stephens please provide your application id, we will look to your schema

Kk here it is

Hi @Yomade_Stephens!

I have looked at your database schema. Do you want to retrieve from Users table all values of Folowing_ownerid? I am asking this question since your database schema also have table “Folowing” and it not clear from description what field and from what table you want to retrieve.

Regards, Andriy

From the following table. I want to retrieve every objectId of every user the current user using the certain app follows.

Also I wanna ask is the anyway to increase the set api calls per month even on the highest plan.

About API calls limit.
Currently there is no way to increase limit over max value of plan. If you reach limit of “Cloud 99” plan then your only option is to use Pro or Managed version of Backendless.

About your query.
You can compose your whereClause in next way - ownerId = '{your userId}' or ownerId in ( Following[ownerId = '{your userId}'].Following_Ownerid). With this condition you will select records that belong to user with specified ID or to users that is followed by user with specified ID
For more information you can read in Backendless doc

Regards, Andriy

Arit can I plz get info on How to move to backendless pro.

please send an email to to receive a license key.

More info about Backendless Pro.