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How to make a query using Swift?

I am coming from Parse and I would like to populate a tableview from a column of ‘car names’ in my database called “Cars” for example using swift code. How do i populate the cars in swift code? We need full on documentation supporting swift implementation.

You should use the API documented here:
It contains Swift signatures and examples.

The API is as good as useless. Everytime i try add my class there it gives me a red line to say my class is undefined. I tried placing " " around it but i get an error from the terminal:Server reported an error: Optional(FAULT = ‘2024’ [Wrong entity name: name must not have a symbol ‘.’] <Wrong entity name: name must not have a symbol ‘.’> )

Please can you give me sample code in your own typing to retirieve objects from a table.

Check my attached screenshot, i got the method from

I tried another example of yours and It still complains on the class name. Please find attached

Obviously you didn’t read the doc I gave you the link for. If you did, you’d see this:</img>

I understand some people prefer to code by example. Well, the example is right there. You missed it there again. Here’s the full source for the example you mentioned:

You can see that the Restaurant class is defined in Restaurant.swift.

You should declare your Songs class outside another classes of your target (maybe in separate swift file)

My apologies I misread that! I thought the name of the class they meant there was the name of my Table on Backendless and that’s all. Things are done very differently in Parse and I must say its a rough transition but I get it now. Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Thank you! Makes so much sense now :slight_smile:

Can you clone the whole BlogFeatureDay-iOS workspace, then try F16RetrievingDataSwift project there. I just check this sample (with included appID & secretKey ), it works fine for me, see a log:</img>


Thank you Slava let me do so :slight_smile: