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How to remove payment details?

(Simon Archer) #1


Im trying to ‘uninstall’ my unlimited team size marketplace add-on, but it says it cant because ‘payment is required’.
Looked at my most recent invoice, and payment was successful for the most recent invoice.

Please can you assist with this?

Once I have removed all marketplace add-ons from my app, can I then remove my payment details? Or can I do that now (cant seem to find the option beyond just ‘updating’ my cc details)?


(Denys Konakhevych) #2

Hi Simon,

Could you please provide your applicationId.



(Simon Archer) #3



(Denys Konakhevych) #4

You cannot uninstall function pack because this app exceeded free limit of team size (currently there are 2 developers). After deleting one developer it would be possible to uninstall fp. Your cc detail can be only updated, not deleted.



(Simon Archer) #5

thanks. the error message wasnt entirely clear about have to delete members from my team size, but makes sense and managed to remove the product now. Thanks!

Regarding the CC details… that’s a little disappointing to hear, if not a little concerning to know… :-/