How to save an array of objects in 4.0


In 3.x it was possible to save an array of objects using a parent-child schema - when creating a new object in the parent table I could save an array to the child table in a single API call.

The 4.0 docs seem to suggest that both parent and child objects must exist in Backendless before relations can be created. Is there any way to save an array of objects to a table in 1 API call?


Hi Leroy,

In backendless4 objects must be saved individually.

Alternatively, you can import multiple objects using the Manage > Import section in console.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the feedback. Do you have any recommended best practice for doing this in JS? Using a simple forEach loop with Promise.all seems to run into a server error (I got ID BC79FE75-C723-AB5C-FFCA-A8DA71C9A000) I imagine the API requests per second might be an issue here? Having to save each new entry with a separate call and then make a second call to set the relationship means there is quite a lot of traffic, even for small sets of data points.


The error you got is not related to the API call limit, its internal message says that the column ‘link’ is not found. If you’re able to reproduce it, please describe the steps so that we could investigate it, since it could probably be a bug or an unhandled client error.