How to setup push notification for backendless standalone

Push notification works fine for backendless, when i setup on standalone server push scheduled but not receive on another device. Please describe how to send and receive push for standalone backendless server? I set google API key and sender id but nothing acieve.

Hello Nabeel

Are you using the same Google API key for Standalone and for online version?
If yes - there might be a configuration issue on your side. There’s a redirect URI section in the Google API key. To make it work for Backendless Online you had to add value to it “”. It will not work for Backendless Pro (standalone). You need to change it if you haven’t done it already

Regards Anton

I generate new key for GCM and use in standalone Manage Setting> Mobile setting> Google API key.

Also I use standalone server URl “” for register device and data communication between server and app.

Hi Nabeel,

The Standalone version of Backendless is no longer supported.
To get support make sure to install the latest version of Backendless Pro.

Regards, Vlad