how to update an existing user on the server side?

hi, I’m trying to update a specific column of user (which i have added) in the business logic code
of a timer.
the user may or may not be logged in at that point.

how can i update his column?

Hi, Tommy.

Here’s the documentation on updating data with Backendless

maybe i wasn’t clear - i am trying to update a Backendless User Object.

one that is in the Users table in the System tables section.
the column that i want to update in that table is a column i have added.
in the way i understand things - to update a back endless user, you must have that user
object - which you can get only by logging in.

Hi, tommy.
Here are some methods that return BackendlessUser object:

  • Backendless.UserService.CurrentUser();
  • Backendless.Data.of( BackendlessUser.class ).findById( “user_object_id” );
  • Backendless.UserService.register( Backendless user );

So, there are some more ways to retrieve BackendlessUser object.
I guess that you problem is about working with custom user properties. If I’m right, this doc should be helpful:

And here you can find info about updating BackendlessUser through user service:

best regards,