how to use where clause???????

What is the API for fetching data from back endless using where clause…

Find all Person by name:

The where parameter contains a URL encoded value of “name = ‘Bob’”;
-H application-id:application-id-value-from-console
-H secret-key:secret-key-value-from-console

I have checked out your first link…and implemented the same in my project without any error but the project is not running…it says…UNFORTUNATELY PROJECT HAS STOPPED

I am not sure what are you mean by “my project”.

what language and IDE do you use?
provide code or project that you use.

I am working on Android. And “my project” means my android application project.

For android application I suggest to use this doc and download sdk for android

Hello Sergey Kukurudzyak, i used this doc but i am getting the following exception…
BackendlessException{ code: ‘Internal client exception’, message: ‘null’ }

Make sure you invoke the asynchronous API.

I didn’t invoke Asynchronous API.

String whereClause=“name=‘Sandeep Kumar’”;
BackendlessDataQuery dataQuery=new BackendlessDataQuery(whereClause);
BackendlessCollection<ImageTable> friends = Backendless.Data.of( ImageTable.class ).find( dataQuery );
for(ImageTable imageTable:friends.getData())

how to convert it into Asynchronous API.

thank you sir…