I am facing isue while saving an record in table

Hi i am trying to save data using .net sdk but it showing me an error. I have also attach screen shots of my table paste the code and also error.

 Dictionary<string, object> data = new Dictionary<string, object>();
                data["agent_type"] = "AdeptSync Agent";
                data["hostname"] = Environment.MachineName;
                Dictionary<string, object> savedData;
                savedData= Backendless.Data.Of("Agent_Log").Save(data);

                // save object asynchronously
                AsyncCallback<Dictionary<string, object>> callback;
                callback = new AsyncCallback<Dictionary<string, object>>(
                  result =>
                  fault =>
                      System.Console.WriteLine("error ------------------- " + fault.Message);

                Backendless.Data.Of("Agent_Log").Save(data, callback);

Reference of this api takes from

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Hello, @Haroon_Ali.

What error text are you getting?
Did you call Backandless.InitApp() before calling Save()?
Is your application located on an EU or US server?

Regards, Nikita.

It is located in US.Also i has call Backandless.InitApp()

The issue is resolved
Thanks for your support