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I am getting loading problem getting all geopoints data

Loading problem when fetching geopoints with metadata

Please provide the following information:

  1. What API you use? (Android, iOS, JS, REST)
  2. How do you structure your query? Show a sample of how you use Backendless API (do not post entire code listing, we need to know only the information related to Backendless API)
  3. What result do you get?
  4. What is the expected result?


  1. I am using JS API

  2. var geoQuery = {
    categories: [“GEOSERVICE_SAMPLE”],
    pageSize: 100,
    return Backendless.Geo.find( geoQuery )
    .then(res => {

    Here i have some more metedata also

  3. Actually i have more that 10000 geo points, due to cloud version i am able to get only 100 maximum, even though i am getting data slowly

  4. I need to fetch the data fast (locate geopoints on map)

So what is the actual problem?

Geopoints data getting slowly, it leads more loading time

I need to lessen the loading time

Hello Rajasekhar,

Could you please provide your AppId, and we will investigate the issue more deeper

Thanks, Vlad


Check once

I cannot use example from your post because it also includes some function getMarkers that I have not. But I have tried with cUrl


and execution time is between 300 ms and 900 ms

If you see this url “”, its loading slowly

I have reproduced, we will check what we can do here

I had made export of you application and created internal ticket BKNDLSS-17942

Okay, Thank you for that

Can i get only list of cities from geopoints table?

Okay, Thank you for that

No, you can not

means i can’t get list of cities only?

yes, if you want include metadata then all metadata will be added

did you get solution for issue regarding the geopoints loading issue as above

Hi @rajasekhar_puligadda

Not yet. I believe this will not be a very quick fix. We’ll notify you as soon as the issue is resolved


Okay, Thanks for your info. We need the solution ASAP for mobile app

While i am opening url “” in browser tab then i am getting error as " {“code”:9007,“message”:“You are not authorized.”,“errorData”:{}}"