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I am getting loading problem getting all geopoints data


(Mark Piller) #21

That’s a console URL and not the API which we describe in the documentation

(Rajasekhar Puligadda) #22

Okay, As discussed above, i am getting very slower response while loading geoclustring with 10000 points

(Mark Piller) #23

And as discussed before we opened an internal ticket to look into this problem

(Rajasekhar Puligadda) #24

What about the issue status?

(Vladimir Yalovy) #25

Hi @Rajasekhar Puligadda

Not yet. We’ll notify you as soon as the issue is resolved


(Rajasekhar Puligadda) #26

still isn’t not resolved?

(Vladimir Upirov) #27

Ticket is created and assigned to our developer, ticket number for reference: BKNDLSS-17942. It will be fixed as soon as it possible.

(Rajasekhar Puligadda) #28

Still the issue is pending?