i can not change my android server key under Mobile settings

Hello i regenerate my server key in google developer console now when i want to update that android server key under MOBILE SETTINGS in my backendless management, the server key does not change, i mean i change it and when i go to another section, (messaging for example) and go back the android server key has prevoius value . This is preventing me from sending push notifications.
Could you help me?

My App id: F2DF51F8-ADC0-8CD9-FFB7-288915C50900



I was able to save key to mobile settings http://take.ms/MZiBN.
There is a small bug. I cannot save it at first, because there was “null” in developer email field. I have removed it. And now everything works fine.

hello Sergey,

thanks a lot, i was able now to save the new key, ill keep in mind this small bug if anything presents again in the future. For now it seems to be working fine.

Thanks again.