I can not log in to console (time out)

I can not log in to console?

adjunt link image capture : https://subefotos.com/ver/?1425b5d83a5e0ef8eb440313b76bd2d1o.png

it tries to erase the browser cache the problem persists



I have the same problem

i get waiting to log on then i get a network error

I am having the same problem.

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I having same problem. I am very disappointed and will look for options for switching to other services. This problem is not the first time.

Guys, the problem has been resolved. Obviously it is our goal to maintain service uptime. However, since Backendless Cloud is a form of a shared hosting environment, it may happen that some applications may impact the performance of others. Additionally and occasionally we get ddos attacks which also impact service stability. Even with the outages we have had, our service uptime has been greater than 99.6%. However, if you are looking for a guaranteed service uptime, consider Managed Backendless.


I have same problem again. How often will it be in the future? I doubt that you can seriously work with you at all with such a weak reliability

I not only can not log in, business logic does not work either. Over the last 24 hours, it lasts 6 hours, which is 99.6 percent?)

This time it must be just you. Login to console works just fine over here. Have you tried another browser to check perhaps?

Now I worked for an hour and a half and again stopped entering. Whenever I can’t log in, business logic doesn’t work either. Error 14004 is returned. Other browsers have tried, the result is the same. And the browser does not help business logic)

What is your application ID?

My application ID 3A932C69-022C-443A-FF96-2BA0157DAF00. At the moment everything works. But this already happened today, and again stopped working.