I can't save string of Data's object with length more 38 symbols

Hello, guys. I can’t update/create row in my table on site if one of my columns have String with more then 38 symbols, but limitation is 500 symbols. What’s the problem?
Thank you.

I can’t save this text: “С понедельника по четверг с 14 до 16 большая пицца по цене
I can save only: "С понедельника по четверг с 14 до 16 "

Hi Alexander,

it’s a very strange behavior. I just made the same as you described in my own app and the text has been successfully saved.
Could you please provide me the AppID?


After your message I tried to update it again and again.
Other columns could take this value and then I deleted this table and rebooted my browser.
And now everything is working.

I think that error is in my computer/browser/etc. and theme can be closed. Thank you.