I cant send push notifications with my newly created app

I was able to send and receive push notifications (Android) but I created a new app and applied my google api key there, changed secret key and application id in my code. But it doesnt work. I see the Backendless.Messaging.publish function returns as response not fault but receiver device doesnt get any push messages. What can i do?

Hi Onur,

There is a problem with message distribution we are currently working on. I apologize for the inconvenience. This should be resolved soon.


I can not reproduce your behavior. Can you provide your application id and google project number?

Hi Mr Kukurudzyak,
My google project number : 665253630481
Backendless App id : 7631E9C2-0BC7-F01B-FFF7-C7A5C4D23000

But if there is still a problem with message distribution , it might be because of that.

I have fixed the problem with your application. Have send some pushes and it works fine now.

The problem with distribution was fixed too with patch on last week

Thank you!

Hi I’m having the same issue. On my Apple developer account it says Push Notifications is enabled. I uploaded the certificate, did the ios-alert test message - but my device did not get anything. I’ve spent several hours trying to figure out where I am going wrong but I have followed every step.

Please advise. Thank you.


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Please create a new one and describe your problem there

I am having a similar problem and I have posted as a separate one. However mine is with iOs and the app notifications were working in development mode and Test Flight testing but not in Production.