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I didnt find the expert download link


(Ahmed Junidy) #1

data export link not in mail

Backendless finished export your data successfully for application: QuizApp .
The Export log located in File Service in export directory.
You can download exported zip file from File-Service.
Download link: export/

See export log bellow:

1 13:42:28 EXPORT Export started 2 13:42:28 EXPORT Exporting table: Users 3 13:42:28 EXPORT Generating 4 13:42:28 EXPORT Uploading to File Service 5 13:42:28 EXPORT Export finished

(Vladimir Upirov) #2

Hi Ahmed
Can you see the file in your Backendless App in Files?

(Ahmed Junidy) #3

thank you i find it but can u tell me how to download json file ?

(Vladimir Upirov) #4

sure, there is a download icon in Actions Column in Files Table