I dont need password field in Users table

I don’t need a password column in the Users table but password value is compulsory.
how I can disable this property

Hi Saeed,

the password column is mandatory and is not deletable in Users table.
Why you don’t need password?
How does your users perform registration and authorization?
If there are no authorization for your users, but you want to keep them in database, will creating your own table for users solve your problem?


I need only a phone number. because when users are registering, Only the mobile number is asked from them

And how then they login into you app? I mean how they retrieve user-token if they can’t perform login operation with password?
Can generating random password for users be a solution of this problem?


when a user is not login He opens my app and enters itself a mobile number.
after that, the user getting activation code and enter it and login.that are enough for me.
yes.finally I generate a random number for this

Ok, can I mark this topic as solved then?

yes, Of course, Stanislaw Grin