I had a problem uploading files. Server 500 response

I had a problem uploading files. Server 500 response. Application ID: DB45EDB1-4154-A6C9-FFF2-B3E29DA34A00. I ask for prompt assistance from you.

I’ve tried upload/delete file on web-console and with rest api. All works fine for me.
Was it a long lasting problem or occasional?
Have you experience the problem now (or could you reproduce it manually)?
Maybe it happened during server update.

The problem has arisen today and still remains. Delete and upload files to your service is obtained. Downloading from your service to your android device fails. The response from server 500.

I noticed that the problem of downloading files only if the file name contains Russian characters. Could it be related to updating your service?

I’ve managed to reproduce the problem with cyrillic symbols.
The inner task was created BKNDLSS-17866.
All information about the progress will be posted here.