I want to registration user with only password and set ownerID or objectID as ident. property.

I want to registration all devices which installed my app, so I want to registration user with only auto-generate password and get ownerID/objectID from handleResponse for login in the future.
If the user wants to open more functional of my app - he enters his phone number/email and it would be a new ident. property.
How I can do this with your API?

you can’t do it. you should have at least 2 property, some identity and password. if you do not want that users input the identity, just generate it by yourself in code. But how they will login to your app if they wouldn’t now their identity?

Autologin on the 1st level of access for all users.

If user wants to save his data he should go to the 2nd level of access and enter his phone number.