I was billed twice for the same service


I changed to the 99 plan in one of my 3.x Backendless apps. When I tried to do it, I had some problems to have my credir card accepted but finally got it. The problem is that now I recived an email from you saying I was billed $197.83 insted of $99
These are the concepts:

Date/TimeTypeDetailCharge08/29/2017 07:18PM CDTAdd OnBackendless Plan Two: enabled$98.9708/29/2017 07:19PM CDTProrated CreditBackendless Plan Two: disabled$-98.9508/29/2017 07:23PM CDTAdd OnBackendless Plan Two: enabled$98.8608/29/2017 07:23PM CDTProrated CreditBackendless Plan Two: disabled$-98.8408/29/2017 07:25PM CDTAdd OnBackendless Plan Two: enabled$98.7909/01/2017 12:06PM CDTRecurringBackendless Cloud (09/01/2017 - 10/01/2017)$0.0009/01/2017 12:06PM CDTAdd OnBackendless Plan Two$99.00Totals$197.83


Hi Marcos

Sorry for the delay with answer.
Please, provide us your app ID, we will check your issue ASAP.

Regards Illya

Marcos, please contact our sales department (sales@backendless.com)

Regards Ilya