id doesn't exist for updating user registration

I’m trying to update user properties described by

This which requires an id. But the response I got after logging in contains no id field. There is only created,email,lastLogin,name,objectId,ownerId,updated,user-token.

I tried with objectId but get:

Action not found

		For request 'PUT /v1/users/46A1FD1D_2F80_8F89_FFAF_F413436F2D00'

Thanks that resolves it.

Perhaps related, now I get back:
code 3064:
“Not existing user token. Relogin user to update your user token”

This happens even if I close and relaunch the app and get brand new user-tokens

When you perform login call, the response contains “user-token” property. That property uniquely identifies user session. When you update the user (or do anything in the context of user session, you need to send “user-token” as an HTTP header with your requests.


Thanks. Now I’m getting:

“{“updated”:null,“created”:“05/11/2014 02:51:34 GMT+0000",“email”:"”,“ownerId”:null,“objectId”:“7EA0FA48-9FB9-3BBD-FF0F-B0D93A73D200”,“name”:“admin”,“user_flower”:null}”

This is with
{ “email”:", “password”:“newpassword” }
as the PUT body.

So my problem now is the email isn’t changed, nor is the password as I try again, though I’m getting no error.

Could I have set table’s permission incorrectly

Make sure if you do all correctly.

Request for UPDATE:

curl -H application-id:your_app_id -H secret-key:your_rest_secret_key -H application-type:REST -H user-token:user_token_from_login_response -H Content-Type:application/json -X PUT -d’{“email”:“”, “password”:“newpass”}’ -v

“Could I have set table’s permission incorrectly”
For this case server sends error “User has no permission to update entity”

Try with request ‘PUT /v1/data/Users/46A1FD1D_2F80_8F89_FFAF_F413436F2D00’