Idea for a more simplified pricing page for

When i am researching different options for a mBaas system, i look at the home page then i look at the pricing page before anything else. This page is the most important page to get me to explore further. Even though the page was just updated, in my opinion, there is too much information all on one page. Everything below the 3 options for backendless cloud, backendless standalone, and backendless managed should be removed and moved to different pages. The 3 options should be clickable and once clicked show the following information on a new page:

    the related pricing section previously removed, the related how it works section previously removed, an updated functional limits section (If Backendless cloud is selected), F.A.Q.s related to the selection.
the functional limits section should be changed to be easier to read and provide additional information. the following should be changed:
    The functional pack and price columns should be merged A Feature column should be added to the front wording on the list item should be made as minimal as possible (for example in the list item for active users, instead of saying additional 1000 users you put +1,000, and instead of putting $1.00/month you put $1/month) each list item should be clickable and once clicked expand to provide additional information below it (the additional info should include a description of the selected feature, a description of the limitation, and a description of the available functional pack.)
the picture below shows a visual example of my idea for the new functional limits section:</img>

Hi Alan,

Thank you for taking your time and putting thought into this. We value your feedback very much and will give it a serious consideration.


No problem, i just wanted to share my opinion on the subject. If other people are like me that it should make a huge difference.

Hi Alan,

It took us some time… Your suggestion is now live:


The page looks great, I’m glad I could help you guys out. Keep up the good work, you’re doing an awesome job.

  • Alan