I'm losing the blocks and the contents of the text blocks

I’ve been using Backendless for a few weeks now and find it great, but two kinds of problems are often happening to me:
1 - I completely lose all the work I’ve done in defining the logic. I don’t find any trace of the work done even through the Changelog function.

2 - The text I insert in the text blocks (always in the logic section) is not actually stored. I notice this when I run the preview and something is not working. I go back to the logic to verify it and notice that at least one block of text is empty, even if I had correctly evaluated it before.

This platform is great, but working under these conditions is sometimes really frustrating …

The APP ID I’m working on now is: D7FD340D-4F7E-A21E-FF5B-0679B11D4500

Hi @DanielEnergy !

Sorry for inconvenience. Our engineers will investigate these problems.

To clarify scenario for problem #2. By “I go back to the logic” you mean you go back from preview browser tab to the tab with UI Builder, right?

Regards, Andriy

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Yes, I mean that. As it happens more often than the former, before see the preview, sometimes I use to refresh the tab where I’m writing the logic to confirm that the abnormal reset of text in the text block is not taking place.

About 1 - I’ve noticed that when I’m writing a complex logic the problem happens more often if there are warning about missing information/data.
This because the more is complex the logic I’m building, the more is likely that I take pauses to complete the whole task.

Thank you for additional details.
As a temporal workaroud for these problems try to periodically publish your changes to the server. It should help you to preserve your changes.
For the first problem we already have ticket BKNDLSS-26355. I have raised its priority.
For the second problem I have created separate internal ticket BKNDLSS-26402.

We will reach you when fixes will be released.

Regards, Andriy

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I’m testing several no-code platforms, Backendless Adalo and Bubble mainly, because I’m going to start a no-code agency in a few weeks.
I’m impressed by Backendless systemic approach, but reliability is the main requirement I’ll use to select the main platforms I’ll be using.
So thank you for the immediate feedback I’m getting.


Hello @DanielEnergy,

We are doing our best to improve the Backendless system and we’ll be glad to help you if you have any questions in future.