I'm trying to choose developer account, when i try to add card, it says, cloud99 will remain!

My account will be expired in 2 days. Now, i would like to choose developer account ($7.99) but, when i try to add a credit card, a popup says, “when a credit card is added, your application will remain on the Cloud99 plan when your free trial ends.” But i don’t want to choose Cloud99 plan.

What i have to do now?

Note: Screenshot is attached.

I’m waiting for your solution, thanks.

Well, console does not know that you want to use the Developer account, that’s why it says you will be billed for Cloud99. What means if you do not switch to another plan, you will indeed be billed for Cloud99. There are two options (which will produce the same result with the same billing):

  1. Switch to the Free plan and add a credit card. Once added, switch to the Developer account


  1. Add a credit card. Once added, switch to the Developer account.

Hope this helps.