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Implement Follow/Unfollow In Backendless?

(Hillary Chipunza) #1

I recently moved from parse and I want to know how to implement the follow/unfollow in Backendless. In parse it was a matter of using pointers but i do not have any idea of how to do that here. Sample code will be appreciated for both android and iOS. Thank you

(Mark Piller) #2

In backendless you use relations. Use BackendlessUser custom properties and store a collection of other following/unfollowing BackendlessUser objects:

(Hillary Chipunza) #3

Thank you!

(Haley Nadi) #4

Sorry for bumping this but was a sample code ever made? I’m stuck at the moment, and the documentations aren’t very helpful :confused:

(Mark Piller) #5

Follow/unfollow is nothing more than adding/removing BackendlessUser objects to/from a custom property for another BackendlessUser object.