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Import boolean values from parse


I’m just testing backendless to check if it fits the needs of our apps, so we can migrate them here from Parse. I’m loving it, by now. But…

I was importing data from parse, and I saw all boolean columns has been imported with the values to “True”, even if in the json file I had “false” values.

Is there something I can do on json files before importing to get the right values or is on your hand to fix this import issue?

Please, find attached a sample file with 2 boolean values as Parse exports them.

Thank you (301B)


Could you try it again?

Ok, solved, was an scroll problem, the table is there :wink: Sorry

Now it works, thank you!

But I had to import it on an other app, because it gives me

Duplicate entry 'nmCiRnhHSp' for key 'PRIMARY'

Even if I can’t see the old table on Data Management tables list :frowning:

Sorry, but I can’t understand nothing!

I tried to import my data on app “A” and I got the duplicate entry error, because I already had imported the data some days ago.

Then I tried to import the same data on app “B”, and it worked fine, with good values for booleans.

Once I emptied the original table with the original bad import (with all boolean values to true) on app “A”, I imported it again, and, on app “A”, booleans keep all at true! I tried twice, and always all booleans to true. I tried to delete the table, but I has not found that option.

Some idea about what is happening?


No, i do not understand what’s going. Start over by deleting a table. here’s how:</img>

Ok, deleting the table and importing again it worked. But something really rare happened there… maybe deletion of data is “logical” not “physical” and using the same keys is keeping the old data? Or the table was somewhat corrupted… Well, any way, solved :wink: