Improve geolocation distance query

I’m having a couple of issues querying records within a geolocation distance. Our dataset contains 22771 records. I’m using the documentation for “Find objects within certain distance from a geo point” as reference. This is my where clause “distance( 37.332331, -122.031219, location.latitude, location.longitude ) < km(11.260000)”

Issue 1: The record returned is not sorted by distance. I found in the forum that this is a known issue 11910. Is there a fix or workaround?

Issue 2: The async call took more than 3 seconds where the same Parse call returns in about 1 second. Is there anything I should do differently to get a faster result?

Thank you so much for your help!

Hello, Tim!

About sorting by distance: the ticket is still in progress, it would be released in the future. Unfortunately, I cannot set any estimation for today.
About performance. No, there is no way to speed it up for online version. You can try standalone installation instead. Installer can be downloaded here.