Internal Error in console | Backendless not more usable

I was editing user properties to remove one called “gender” and now I have this error on my console (when looking the user table) :

Could not perform persistence operation: java.sql.SQLException: Column 'gender.A19DE17D-9A16-91F5-FF43-9239F6AE8A00' not found.

And on the other tables I have this one (The ID changes each time) :

Internal server error with id 8F55999C-FFF0-6817-FF1B-3A2238634800

Maybe it’s because I still have a user with that property. Can you help me ? My app is not usable anymore. Here’s my app ID : 1F134D26-2B31-94FA-FFF5-041290378600 (v1)

I tried to export my user table in CSV format to recreate the user table but my file is empty. It seems that all my users are lost.

Hi Nicolas,

Your app should work fine now.