Internal server error with id 707A7274-5AF9-1D8B-FF08-889B98462200 and 502 Bad Gateway

I’m getting the following error (Internal server error with id 79C236C9-AC90-02F6-FF91-E2429675D600) when I execute “npm run debug” in the shell. The app is not modified here, it’s the original package downloaded in my backendless interface.
After the registration of the runner, I have a problem visibily with the registration of Model.
Thanks you for your help,



I don’t know why, but today I have just the 502 Bad Gateway error.

Can you help me please ?
Thanks you for your help,

Hi, AurelieGl.

i have been trying to reproduce this with simple steps, but all works fine.

Could you, please, provide more information.

  • what os do you use ?
  • version of npm (npm -v)
  • version of nodejs (node -v)
  • what types of handlers do you try to deploy ?

Hi Oleg,
Thank you for your response.
So for the OS, it’s Windows 8.1 Enterprise
The version of npm : 3.8.9
The version of node : 6.1.0
And the CodeRunner Utility is v1.7.3
And I have 3 types of handlers : afterCreate.js for 1 table and afterfirst.js for 2 tables
I did try to delete all handlers and to push again my code, I have the same issue
Thank you for your help

Related issue:

We made some changes on the server.
Could you tell, do you still get such errors ?

Sorry Oleg, I can’t tell you if it’s ok because today I don’t have access to my backendless account and my apps :confused:

I just have the spinner in loop when I try to connect me, is it normal ?

Hi AurelieGl,

Please, let us know if this problem is actual.
Regards, Ilya

llya and Oleg, thank you !
Now, all is ok :slight_smile: no problem for the connection and deployement