Internal server error with id

I am having a problem with my Backendless API, where I cannot open the data tab from the console.
The entire error message in the right uppercorner says:
Internal server error with id 415A5F36-1913-E817-FFA0-A671F890740
My app id is: 47A9A35C-5B91-AF6D-FF85-4FBB72A0F000
With kind regards,


Fixed. Please try again.
Maybe you remember some special steps you done before this error occurred?

Hi Kate,

Thanks for the quick support! It is working again now. I think it may have gone wrong with deleting a table in the REST browser and try to create it again using a POST request. But of course, this is just speculation.
Have you got any idea how this could be prevented in the future?

Hi Kate,

Quick update; the problem is recurring now, it occurs when deleting a table in my app via the Data browser.

Fixed again.

Thanks, tried it for a while now and I think it is operating fine again.