Invalid DateTime - Update DateTime Column - REST API

I am getting an error when updating a DateTime column using the REST API. This error is just now showing up and doesn’t always happen. Is this a timing issue where the row data hasn’t fully be previously saved since the error code is 400 with a JSON error of 1110?

A sample request is:
{“startDate” : “05/20/2016 03:58:23”}

The response is:
{“code”:1110,“message”:“Saving object failed due to incorrect datetime value specified.”}
lResponseCode = 400

Here’s a command I just ran to update an object. Works just fine with Cloud Backendless.

curl -X PUT -H ‘application-id : 31CB9FED-F34C-5541-FF26-6C2B6719F200’ -H ‘secret-key : CDB792A6-99FF-6AB4-FFE7-6D0BCB22AA00’ -H ‘Content-type : application/json’ -d ‘{
“birthdate”:“05/20/2016 03:58:23”

Trying to figure this problem out and what I’m seeing is that I can add a datetime value to my Table’s DateTime column in some cases but often I am getting error code “1110”. My other Table that also has a DateTime field has no problems being updated. The code to upload and formate the DateTime JSON string is exactly the same.

Any ideas?